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Project Information

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Drama session plan ideas

Session plans available as Powerpoint presentations or in PDF format

Session 1 Power and Struggle (Powerpoint .pptx) / Session 1 (PDF)

Session 2 Who is Jo? (Powerpoint .pptx) / Session 2 (PDF)

Session 3 Thoughts and Comments (Powerpoint .pptx) / Session 3 (PDF)

Session 4 Choices and Consequences (Powerpoint .pptx) / Session 4 (PDF)

Session 5 Journey through life (Powerpoint .pptx) / Session 5 (PDF)


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Media session plan ideas

Session 1 Media Workshop – 1 minute film challenge part 1(Powerpoint.pptx) / Session 1 (PDF)

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Gangs awareness session plan ideas

Gangs awareness workshop (Word.docx) / Session 1 (PDF)

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Girls and Gangs – This report shines a light on the harrowing reality of gang life for girls and young women.





Girl Gangs in South London –

Article focusing on Girl Gangs in South London. Written by Belinda Matande, 14 and Marie Abbott, 14 as part of Bexley Summer University 2008.

Study conducted by Chanequa J. Walker-Barnes, Rafael M. Arrue, & Craig A. Mason

A of San Diego looking at females in an area with high levels of gang activity to find out the reasons why they might be tempted to join a gang.


Blood Sisters – The Guardian

Article from The Guardian where Angela Neustatter talks to former members of girl gangs, to find out what life is like in a gang and to find out why they joined. Also look s at statistics about girl gangs.

Article from The Times, in which, Adam Fresco, crime correspondent, talks of the dangers of girls joining male gangs, and finds out how they are treated as he learns of some of the things they are forced to do.



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Time to Wake Up: Tackling gangs one year after the riots

“Gang culture is symptomatic of even deeper social problems: chaotic families; absent fathers; young people cut adrift and lacking purpose; and a revolving door criminal justice system which does nothing to change lives.”



A Q&A with an expert about why more girls are joining gangs – LA Youth

L.A. Youth talk to expert Dawn L. Brown about why more girls are joining gangs.



The gangs of Peckham – as told by the girls who know them

Article from The Independent, focusing on The Gangs of Peckham as a film is being scripted about them. By Arifa Akbar, Arts Correspondent


Dying to Belong: An In-depth Review of Street Gangs in Britain Centre for social Justice 10 year logo

In response to rising gang-related deaths, Dying to Belong investigates the true nature and scale of gang culture in Britain.




Gangs find new recruits: girls

Article about gangs recruiting girls, with quotes from a member of a girl gang who wants to get out. By Rusty Dornin


Gangs and Girls

Trish Crawford’s article on Juvenile prostitution in gangs.


Gangs – The Real Truth

Advice for parents on how to stop their daughter getting into a gang




Lianne Archer, New Rochelle City School District, New Rochelle, New York Andrew M. Grascia, Westchester County Office of the District Attorney, White Plains, New York


This is it, this is my life…

Race on the Agenda (March 2011) The Femail Voice in Violence Project UK, the most prolific and up to date piece of girls in gangs research.



600 girls sexually exploited in UK gangs – Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News reveals the extent to which girls are being sexually exploited or gang raped in street gangs across the UK. Paraic O’Brien reports.


Loveless and lonely — why girls really get into gangs

A violent father pushed Isha Nembhard  to find solace in a life of drugs and crime. She tells Jasmine Gardener how she became trapped – and what helped her escape


GuardianBeing raped by a gang is normal- ‘Its about craving to be accepted’.

Former gang member reveals how women suffer shocking sexual abuse in return for ‘status’


University of Bedfordshire

Youth Gangs, Sexual Violence and Sexual Exploitation

A Scoping Exercise for the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England by Professor J. J. Pearce & Professor J. M. Pitts of The University of Bedfordshire Institute for Applied Social Research


The Griffens SocietySeeing Differently : Working with girls affected by gangs – Jessica Southgate

This research was an investigation into how voluntary and community sector organisations (VCSOs)8 perceive girls’ gang‐association9 or involvement,10 how they have responded to meet girls’ needs through their work,11 and the challenges they face in delivering their work. It reflects concerns feminist criminologists have uncovered over many years about the impact gender inequality and related social factors has on the lives of women who offend, and addresses recent areas of study of girls’ gang affiliation and violence.


HM GovernmentEnding Gang and Youth Violence Report : One year on

Report on Gang and Youth violence presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Home Department November 2012




Kenny report logoThe Kenny Report

How do politics and economics affect gangs and serious youth violence across the UK?




HM GovernmentCall to End Violence against Women and Girls

The coalition governments report into violence against women and girls.




HM GovernmentTogether we can end violence against women and girls : A strategy

This document outlines the coalition government’s strategy to deal with the issue of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)




HM GovernmentCall to End Violence Against Women and Girls : Actionplan

This action plan provides an overview of the wide range of actions the Government will be taking forward with key partners to deliver its strategy to tackle Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).




Linda PapadopoulosSexualisation of Young People review – Dr Linda Papadopoulos

This review looks at how sexualised images and messages may be affecting the development of children and young people and influencing cultural norms, and examines the evidence for a link between sexualisation and violence. The decision by the government to commission this review reflects the importance of the issue and the popular perception that young people (and in particular young women and girls) are increasingly being pressured into appearing sexually available. The report looks at examples and the prevalence of sexualisation in culture and proposes mechanisms by which sexualised messages are being internalised and the consequences of these on young people.


Shootings manchester mapShootings, Gangs and Violent Incidents in Manchester: Developing a crime reduction strategy

This report describes analysis and strategy development for a project aiming to reduce shootings in South Manchester. It attempts to apply problem-oriented policing principles to shootings and other serious violence associated with gangs, principally in South Manchester. Its broad approach follows that of an apparently very effective project in Boston, Massachusetts, which was associated with a rapid and sustained reduction in shootings.



Liverpool JMUYoung people and sexual exploitation: An exploration of young people’s workers’ experiences of providing support in Merseyside

This research aimed to explore young people’s workers’ experience of supporting young people who have been sexually exploited in these broader and more subtle ways.
NYAReport on a National Policy Round Table : Gang, Gun and Knife Crime

Seeking solutions, a report jointly organised by APYCO, the National Youth Agency and Speaking Out (NCVCCO/NCVYS)


SandwellSandwell Safeguarding Children’s Board : Young People Involved In Urban Street Gangs

A draft document from the Sandwell Safeguarding Children’s Board which gives definitions, risks and more regarding Young people involved in gangs



NIAGangs : Don’t you know it’s different for girls?

Young Women, Their Violence and Sexual Victimisation by Nicola Weller, nia, writing in Respect’s newsletter January 2010




NSPCC2Teenagers at risk

The safeguarding needs of young people in gangs and violent peer groups by Kate Fitch



Books & Plays

Yard Gal

Yard Gal – Rebecca Prichard

Marie and Boo are both teenage tough girls — yard gals, in the slang of the Hackney ghetto they come from — but that only makes their dreams that much harder for them to envision, much less attain. In this two-woman play, which is by turns scalding and hilarious, deeply moving and brutally angry, they talk about their love of music and drugs and the men who bring them as well as about the exhilaration — and terror — of fighting rival gangs.