Girls in Gangs: The Documentary

This documentary, developed and filmed by young people in collaboration with film makers, community development workers, teachers and gangs mentors, is the result of two years work undertaken by Cedar Mount Academy and Union Street Media Arts. The project hopes to raise awareness about girls in gangs, and the consequences of their involvement in order to help young people make more informed choices about joining or getting involved with gangs.

A key underlying theme of the documentary is to dispel myths and stereotypes surroundings gangs, associates and gang members as we feel there is no single profile for gangs and they are different everywhere.

The incredible experience of the contributors puts this film at the fore front of informative creative content in the area of girls and gangs. Coming from all angles, we explore the ins and outs of girl gang involvement and association. We have the heart felt Mother’s and community perspective from Patsy McKie, founder of Mothers Against Violence. There’s the strategic viewpoint from David Boulger, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Strategic Manager at Trafford Council. We have the academic approach from Dr Robert Ralphs, gangs researcher at the University of Manchester. And finally we hear the grounded but vast experience of Anthony Downer, Social Worker and Gang Mentor.

The story is drawn together by the vast knowledge of the contributors above and the striking and immersive urban imagery; a subtle but strong approach to informing the audience.

We hope that this documentary opens up an exploration of critical issues, ideas and experiences that girls have around gangs, how girls are perceived in or seen in roles, reasons why girls get involved and the risks.


1st Performance : Jo’s Story

This performance was designed during drama lessons in year 1. The performance is a sequence of scenes devised by different groups to form the story of Jo.

Please note that Jo’s character changes as different groups perform the scenes.

Development time = 20 hours








The Final Performance : Jo’s Story

Following the 1st performance, the pupils developed the piece further during after school sessions.

They took the audience feedback and adapted the performance to achieve the effect they wanted, making it more realistic, concise and relatable.

Development time = 20 hours








Girls In Gangs : The Trailer

This is a trailer for a documentary and digital resource being developed by pupils at Cedar Mount Academy in Gorton, Manchester.